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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

The 57 seat coach hire from Coach Hire is the ultimate travelling experience that we offer here at Coach Hire Swansea. These coaches are a popular choice for large touring groups, social event planners and is even used by some corporates when taking employees on retreats and other company functions. The large size of the coach means that most large groups can be comfortably transported to the venue. Institutions such as schools have also made good use of these coaches. The space inside makes it easier to ensure all the students make it to the game or whichever destination the school has planned.

Due to its size, our 57 seat coach hire is one of our most in-demand services. Travelling in a group that's comprises 50 or more people in a city such as Swansea is quite challenging for the most part. In many cases we've seen people having to use more than one vehicle. While it's an option that works, it's undoubtedly more expensive and not as easy to coordinate the movement of the group. If one vehicle is left behind due to a mechanical issue, it makes things a lot more complicated. These coaches are normally booked several days or even weeks in advance to guarantee their availability when you need them.

We have several packages available depending on when you need the vehicle, the distance to be covered and the kind of features that you want in your vehicle. Our packages are designed to ensure our clients get the most value for their money so no matter which package you choose, you'll always see the sense in it. For corporate clients we have special deals that you can take advantage depending on how often you'll be using our service or the length of time over which you'll need the service. This also applies to institutions such as schools.

Apart from the increased capacity, our 57 seat coach hire comes with many features that will interest you if you're all about a memorable travelling experience. Thanks to the size of the coaches there's a lot more room for features such as overhead storage which is perfect if you have some sensitive luggage that you don't want to keep too far from you. It's also possible to fit in features such as tables in coaches of this size. For our corporate clients, being able to put in tables has always been important because this allows them the work even from inside the coach. This makes it easier to keep up with the work while away from the office or make some last minute changes to a presentation you're going to give.

The extra room for seating allows us to put in more comfortable seats. This includes seats with comfortable arm rests, lots of leg room and even reclining seats. This makes our 57 seat coach hire an excellent choice for very long trips or overnight trips because you'll be able to rest more comfortably. You can also get special features such as night lighting and reading lights. In case you're taking an overnight trip and would like to do some reading along the way, we make this a lot easier for you.

Our 57 seat coaches are professionally driven by experienced drivers who are familiar with the roads and destinations in Swansea city. Call us today to make your booking.