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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

Swansea is one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Wales. It is the second largest city in the country and is located by the sea and this alone guarantees that there are plenty of beautiful views to enjoy. Of course, if you're going to all the trouble of coming to Swansea, you may as well ensure that you're touring in the right way. Even if you're not touring the area but you're in town for some corporate or social event, you may want a ride that ensures you get to enjoy one or two beautiful scenes before your leave the city.

At Coach Hire Swansea, our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire is vehicle hire service that is designed around the idea of giving our clients an all-round amazing experience. From the vehicles we use to the service that you'll be offered by our people, as a client you'll see that there's plenty to smile about when you're using our coaches. Our coaches are many go-to option when they find our minibuses and mini coaches to be lacking in terms of space. Naturally with a group of around 50 people, this isn't hard to imagine especially when those people have lots of luggage with them.

Our 49 seater and 50 seat coaches are among the largest in our fleet. Due to the number of people transported on any given trip, we ensure that we take the greatest care to ensure that you have a trip that is safe as possible. The driving conditions in Swansea can sometimes be less than pleasant depending on the state of the road and the weather. Even in such conditions, we'll still have clients who have places to be ranging from social to corporate events.

By taking good care or the vehicles, we make it easier for them to perform well even in the most testing driving conditions. State-of-the-art suspension systems absorb the shocks you may experience when the vehicle is passing over certain terrains. The shocks would otherwise be quite significant especially in vehicles of this size. Comfortable seats that provide both support and an easy seating experience also help. The size of the coaches makes it possible to have features such as lots of overhead space and arm rests. These make it less likely that you'll fall off your seat or hit your head on the roof when the vehicle passes over a bump.

A lot of the experience will also come down to the driver. It takes a lot of skill and experience to know how to handle vehicles this big. We have to ensure that when we provide a driver for you they'll handle the vehicle as required to provide you with that comfortable experience. If you're interested in using a certain route or going by a particular landmark, you can always talk to the drivers and they'll be happy to swing by there so you can get to see some of what makes this city so special. The coaches come with different types of windows some of which are well suited for sightseeing. These vehicles come with large windows that will offer you uninterrupted views of the locations nearby.

If you'd like to find out more about what this experience is going to be like then give us a call today and we'll save a coach for you.