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25 seater and 26 seaters Coach Hire

25 seater and 26 seaters Coach Hire

For certain groups of our clientele, a full-sized coach doesn't really have the kind of style that they are looking for or maybe the coaches don't really possess the look that they'd like to be associated with. However, in some situations these groups have found themselves needing something bigger than our smaller vehicles and they had no option but to go for coaches. Our smaller coaches such as the 25 seater and 26 seater coach hire vehicles have really proven themselves in such occasions and many people in these groups have come to appreciate what these vehicles bring.

Not too big

One of the problems that some people have with the full sized coaches is that due to their size, they look a little odd. Imagine being driven to some social event only to have a few people stepping out of a vehicle as large as a coach for over 50 people. However our 25 seater and 26 seater vehicles are considerable smaller coaches. This means that the size doesn't impact our clients' sense of style as much as the large coaches. Therefore, even if you're worried about a big vehicle looking odd, our 25 and 26 seater will give you something that's easier to work with.

Lots of Space

However much you may feel a full-sized coach isn't your style, the extra space that you get in these coaches will give you a lot more room to work with. Whether you have a large number of people or a lot of luggage, the extra space is definitely going to prove to be worth ever coin. Additionally, thanks to the extra space, you'll also be sure that everyone will be able to sit comfortably and not have to worry about whose shoulders are in your space. Moving from the front of the coach to the back or vice versa will also be a lot easier thanks to a lot more space in the isle.

Additional functionality

Minibuses, comfortable and sleek as they are, lack the kind of space that makes it possible for certain features to be comfortably added to the vehicle. The extra space you'll find in our coaches makes it possible to add a few extra features such as tables and seats that face each other. The kind of entertainment systems that we can add to these vehicles are also larger since they'll be designed to serve a much larger group.

Thoughtfully designed

One of the reasons why some people have a problem with full-sized coaches is the fact that they resemble the normal public buses. The public bus isn't most people's idea of comfort and thanks to a few incidents, most people would be reluctant to get on anything that even remotely looks like these buses. Our coaches only resemble these buses in terms of size but in many other crucial areas, we are clearly a few steps ahead.

Even from the outside it will be clear that our coaches are designed to be a lot more stylish. The vehicles in our 25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire are a lot sleeker from the outside. On the inside you'll find that everything is carefully thought through. From the type of materials used on the seats to the colours and lighting, everything is designed to fit a specific style. Come and talk to us today and see what we have to offer.