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53-Seater Coach Hire

53-Seater Coach Hire

When you're thinking about hiring a coach for your group, you need to think about a coach hire service that offers a complete experience. Gone are the days when a vehicle was simply supposed to get you from one spot to another. We live in a time when how you arrive matters as much how you ride. Imagine transporting a group of corporate executives in a coach with seats that are less comfortable than a bench. The end result will be a cranky group of professionals who may not even be able to accomplish what they were going on the trip for.

Of course with Coach Hire Swansea, matters such as comfort and style are well taken care of long before you even think about hiring a coach. With our options such as the 53 seater coach hire, we ensure that our clients get to dictate exactly how they want to travel so they can go with the features they feel they need in our vehicles. Our 53 seat coaches are among the largest we have in our fleet. The extra size comes with a lot more space and a few extra features that make the vehicles a lot more fun.

With the extra space you get to sit a lot more comfortably. Forget about being stuck in one position during a whole day's journey.We ensure that every passenger has lots of leg space, shoulder space and headroom. The extra space is also useful when our clients request additional features that need to be added to the vehicle. If you're organizing transport for a corporate team, you have to remember the needs of every individual traveller. Having facilities for people with special needs is no longer an option but a necessity. If you choose a hire company that can't fit these features to their vehicles, you could create a bigger problem than you imagine.

Obviously, at Coach Hire Swansea, putting in all these extras is quite easy. We can even put in children's seats if you're travelling with relatively young people. It's a requirement that we have such features and you'll find that by the time our vehicles roll off the gate they are in compliance with all the conditions that are required by law.

Features such as tables aren't usually used or needed by most of our clients but the beauty of the size of services such as our 53 seater coach hire is that when these extras are required whether by individual clients or corporate customers, they can be added with minimal problem. We can also add special lighting, modern entertainment systems and various other features that clients may require. When you get in touch with our customer service people, be sure to state whether you have any specific features that you'll need.