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Once upon a time in Swansea, groups of people looking to travel faced a series of problems that they had to carefully navigate. There were not many options they could go for short of a public bus and this made the idea of travelling in a group a little difficult. Many years later, Coacher Hire Swansea came into being and since that time, people looking for a good way of travelling within this city or to a location in the nearby area have never lacked a proper alternative. At Coach Hire Swansea our goal since the beginning has always been to improve how groups of people get to travel in this city and most of our clients will agree that we've managed to do this quite well.

The Fleet

You don't need a degree in mathematics to know that a group of 12 people will not fit in minibus with a capacity of 8 and that a group of 12 in a minibus built for 18 just means that a lot of space is going to waste. The fleet at Coach Hire Swansea doesn't just represent our ability to provide a different car to suite the tastes of different clients. While we pride ourselves on the fact that we have vehicles from different manufacturers and in different styles that our customers can choose from depending on their individual taste, we believe the fact that our minibuses have capacities that slowly rise from 8 to 18 is what makes the useful for people in various situations.

Our fleet is kept in excellent condition by a team of experts that any minibus hire company would be glad to have. This team of maintenance experts have many years of experience and are able to diagnose problems long before they cause any problems. We also arm them with the latest in vehicle diagnostic tools and with these they've been able to get even better results in the work they do.

Because the minibuses in our fleet are made by different manufacturers and made with different purposes in mind, there are some features that may not be present in all the vehicles. A good example of such a feature is air conditioning. However, most of these features aren't the ones that you need e.g. air conditioning will only be useful on days with extreme temperatures. Therefore it may not be essential on regular days or for very short trips. If you require a vehicle with a particular feature then the best approach is to make an early booking. Early bookings give you a high priority when a vehicle becomes available. We usually recommend that bookings be made at least 24 hours in advance. Another importance of early bookings is that they give us time to fit in the various additional features you may want. For instance, if your group has a handicapped person who needs a ramp, we'll need time to ensure this is fitted on the minibus.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer service lines at Coach Hire Swansea are always open. This ensures that whenever a client or potential client needs to get through to us there's someone available to receive their call. You can also reach our customer service people by sending an email or putting in a request through our website. You will always have someone to assist you whether it's day or night.