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Mini Coach Hire Swansea

Mini coach hires are a unique offering from Coach Hire Swansea. Quite often we encounter clients whose needs don't match the need for a coach but for whom a minibus would be inadequate. In such cases, the mini coaches have proven to be quite useful. The minibuses resemble the coaches except they are a lot smaller in size. A typical mini coach will have a capacity of around 19 which works out well in many situations. The fact that we are able to avail minibuses for our clients underlines our dedication to ensuring that clients will get something that is just right for their needs.

When you're in a group of around 20 people, the only way you could travel by minibus is if you hire more than one. This will not only be more expensive but if this is a group that you need to be together, this separation may not be convenient. A coach on the other hand will be able to accommodate everyone but at the end of the day, you'll end up with a lot of wasted space. Having to pay for space that is ultimately not used will not seem fair to the client. Due to these kinds of problem, a mini coach starts to make a lot of sense.

A mini coach will have just the right amount of space for a group of around 20 and even if there are less than 20 people, if the group has a lot of luggage then the extra space will still make a lot of sense. Our vehicles are purpose built for transporting our customers while leaving lots of room for their luggage. The luggage capacity of vehicles tends to be an extremely troubling issue in many cases. If a group is in town and is planning to stay for a while or if the group is going on a group holiday, they tend to pack a lot things. Unfortunately sometimes, there's just no room for extra luggage even when everybody has packed lightly and this will mean something will be left behind. At coach hire Swansea, this is the sort of thing we like to avoid. This is why we have quite a bit of available storage space in all our mini coaches.

Space isn't just important for luggage. Even you need lots of space while travelling. Have you ever been in a vehicle where you couldn't even stretch your legs without hitting the seat in front of you? That's the sort of thing we don't like in our vehicles which is why we think of factors such as space to move around and leg room when we design our mini coaches and other transport solutions. There's enough space in our vehicles to ensure that even a relatively tall person will be able to sit comfortably in the vehicle.

Just like the other vehicles, our mini coaches are built with a wide range of features and these features are designed to either increase safety, style or comfort. The features you'll find in our mini coaches may include adjustable seats, air conditioning, sliding roofs, coolers and refreshments, children's seats and modern entertainment systems. These features play a vital role in improving the experience of our customers on board. If you have specific needs, be sure to get in touch with us at least one day early. We can be reached by phone, email or our website.